Saturday, April 5, 2014

Plants, Plants, Everywhere A Plant!

Tesla is my inspiration tonight lol!  What started as a bunch of seeds has once again turned into a monster.  I counted cups last night, just the clear cups and nothing else......80 is the total! I still have 30-40 more to get in the clear cups.  I sprout my seeds before I plant them in cups. I put seeds in a small piece of paper towel, fold and dampen. I then put them into a labeled ziplock bag by our fire.  I check them every day and transfer the sprouts to cups and then cover them with potting soil.  If you keep them misted they come up in a couple of days.  Once they show through the potting mix I move them to the grow lights.  I use my Aerogarden for light, and I have a huge grow light on the rest.  Easy peasy! Get Growin'!

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