Friday, February 21, 2014

Recycled Greenhouse Treasure

This is our new greenhouse made from 95% recycled or reclaimed materials.  Some of the windows are brand new and were going to be thrown away.  We hope to have it finished by planting time.  Most of the glass came from a solarium that my husband tore down at work.  The owners were going to throw it all away.  It is crazy to me the things that people dispose of, but their wastefulness is our gain!  We have another greenhouse in the back of our house that is 100% recycled or reclaimed materials, but I don't feel like braving the snow to take a picture.  It isn't as pretty as this one is, it is made mostly of old shower doors and really old corrugated fiberglass roofing.  It is ugly but functional, and the price was right. Both greenhouse were built by us with some help from family and friends that only charged iced tea while working.


Winter in Colorado seems to last forever, these pictures are from today.  I will be starting some seeds indoors this weekend to see how soon they can be transplanted out to the greenhouse. Gardening in the mountains of Colorado is always a gamble.

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