Tuesday, February 25, 2014

May The Seeds Grow

I finally had time today to start some of my seeds. I started some flowers that take a while to germinate and some greens for the greenhouse. I use a Burpee seed starter, I have used the same one for years. I don't buy the pellets for it, I use a seed starting mix that has worm castings in it. I place the seed starter on top of our satellite receiver for bottom warmth to aid in germination. I use a piece of paper to chart what I planted in each cell. Notice I wrote an F on the tray to let me know which side is the front for my paper chart.

I started habanero, spinach, cutting celery, and two kinds of kale. The flowers I started are delphinium, scabiosa, lupine, morning glory, and bee balm. I also cut a milk jug in half and planted some cat grass for my cats.




Morning Glory

Habanero Pepper

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